Coachman Collection

COACHMAN® COLLECTION: Insulated steel & composite carriage house style garage doors.

The Coachman® Collection gives your home classic elegance while complementing your home’s architectural style. With four distinctive series, the Coachman Collection offers the sophisticated expression of a carriage house door with the science of durable steel and composite construction. It’s the perfect blend of beauty and practicality – masterful in the details and innovative in design – and it’s only from Clopay.

Design Options

Series One Designs

SERIES ONE of the Coachman® Collection proves that in simplicity, there is sophistication. Architectural home designs such as Mission, Shaker, Country and Prairie look beautiful with the understated elegance of this classic look. Your choice of rectangular, square, arched windows or a solid top section provides that finishing touch. Doors shown with Solid Panel Option, window options shown below.

C11 Top11

C11 Top12

C11 Top13

C11 Arch1

C12 Top11

C12 Top12

C12 Top13

C12 Arch1

C13 Top11

C13 Top12

C13 Top13

C13 Arch1

Series Two Designs

SERIES TWO of the Coachman® Collection complements homes with American Country flair. With full or half crossbuck panels and your choice of rectangular, square or arched window styles, it’s a classic style that looks as good with Irish Country Pine as it does with Texas Hill Country Chic. Doors shown with Solid Panel Option, window options shown below.

C21 Top11

C21 Top12

C21 TOP13

C21 Arch1

C22 Top11

C22 Top12

C22 Top13

C22 Arch1

C23 Top11

C23 Top12

C23 Top13

C23 Arch1

Series Three Designs

SERIES THREE of the Coachman® Collection delivers solid good looks and is designed to work exceptionally well with today’s Country French and Victorian style homes. Fully enclosed to provide maximum privacy, with optional crossbuck bottom panels and square or arched top sections, this series is the architect’s choice for a variety of home styles. Doors shown with Solid Panel Option, window options shown below.

C31 Top11

C31 Arch1

C32 Top12

C32 Arch1

C33 Top13

C33 Arch1

C34 Top11

C34 Arch1

C35 Top11

C35 Arch1

C36 Top11

C36 Arch1

Series Four Designs

SERIES FOUR of the Coachman® Collection is designed specifically for a cleaner, more contemporary look. Clean, simplistic and aesthetically pleasing designs without horizontal lines allow the garage to blend well with surrounding architecture while still retaining the hallmark carriage house appearance unique to Coachman® Collection doors. Doors shown with Solid Panel Option, window options shown below.

C41 Top11

C41 Arch1

C42 Top12

C42 Arch1

C43 Top13

C43 Arch1

Window – Top Section




ARCH 1 Solid

ARCH 1 Window

ARCH 3 Window

ARCH 4 Window

ARCH 13 Window

ARCH 14 Window

REC 13 Window

REC 14 Window

SQ 23 Window

SQ 24 Window

Clear Glass

Frosted Glass

Seeded Glass

Rain Glass

Colors & Materials




Desert Tan

Hardware Options

Ring Door Knocker

Fleur de Lis Step Plate

Spade Step Plate

Fleur de Lis Handles

Decorative Handles with Keyholes

Spade Lift Handles

Lion’s Head Door Knocker

Spear Strap Hinge

Fleur de Lis Strap Hinge

Spear Strap Hinge*

Olde Door Pull Handles

Gate Latch Handles

Ring Knocker with Plate

Sliding Bolt

Spear Lift Handle

Spear Step Plate

Colonial Lift Handles

Round Resin Clavos*

Diamond Resin Clavos*

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